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"A Future Without Waste –

Responsible Consumption and Production"

Speaker: Terry Link

The increasing threat of climate change and ecological unravelling and their underlying causes on a finite planet force us to look at reducing waste in many forms if we are to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of “Leave No One Behind”. SDG Goal #12 directs our attention to “Responsible Consumption and Production”. We will look at the opportunities to reduce waste and how it might impact the other goals.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020        

UN Day Dinner and Celebration 2019

Over 100 guests, three awardees, keynote speaker from UN Foundation, singers and dancers joined us on of October 27, 2019 to make the celebration a great success!

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate the 74th anniversary of the United Nations and the 60th anniversary of Greater Lansing UNA!

The United Nations Association is part of the Better World Campaign - all working together to support the work of the United Nations.

You can learn more about our local Greater Lansing UNA chapter, the United Nations 'UN101', and take action to support the UN here!

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 A Call to Action 

We are Family. And we need your Voice. Click here to learn more about the funding cuts and how you can call your Senators and ask them to stop the Trump Administration from

(1) Hurting UNICEF funding for the health and welfare and immunizations of vulnerable children around the world and

(2) Cutting the World Health Organization almost 50%

(3) Cutting UN Peacekeeping Operations

 Please call and urge Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters to step up in the Senate to fully fund UN Peacekeeping, UNICEF, UNHCR UNEP, FAO, WHO, UNDP, and the general UN budget.

UN News

Local media ignore peace effort, to our peril Written by GL-UNA Board Member, Terry Link. GL-UNA was a co-sponsor of the conference 12/6/19

UN Secretary-General's remarks at pre-COP25 press conference 12/2/19

Goals not guns 11/14/19

Italian Education and UN SDG's 11/7/19

UN and partners call for solidarity, as Venezuelans on the move reach 4.5 million 10/24/19

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in 12 hours 08/01/2019

UN: Fewer refugees willing to leave Kenya's Dadaab for Somalia 08/01/2019

Mandela Day, recognized on July 18, is a time we honor the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.


Yei workshop seeks to optimize ways of making South Sudanese army child free 5/15/2019

Adopting Sustainable Development Goals are Expanding Global and Local Business Opportunities Read more on page 9  4/13/2019

The 10 Happiest Countries in the World 4/4/2019


Our deepest appreciation to the many donors who made this effort a success - and to those who continue to support this effort. 

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