2020 Java Cafè Conversations

Java Café Global Conversation - February 18, 2020


"Developing a Sustainable World

through Socially and Environmentally Conscious Innovation"

Speaker: Manuel Laredo Garnica

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Java Café Global Conversation - January 28, 2020

"A Future Without Waste –

Responsible Consumption and Production"

Speaker: Terry Link

The increasing threat of climate change and ecological unravelling and their underlying causes on a finite planet force us to look at reducing waste in many forms if we are to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of “Leave No One Behind”. SDG Goal #12 directs our attention to “Responsible Consumption and Production”. We will look at the opportunities to reduce waste and how it might impact the other goals.

Terry Link is a GLUNA board member and former founding director of MSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability, served on Shiawassee and Clinton County’s Solid Waste Committees, serving as chair of the latter. He’s been a board member/volunteer with Greater Laingsburg Recyclers for 30years.

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