Want to READ GOOD BOOKS AND BLOGS related to the UN and our world in general?

Read a few selected blogs  of GL-UNA Board members Joseph Hess, Terry Link and Dave Wiley.
as well as suggested books.   Asterisks next to books that we have available at discounted prices!

Articles written by GL-UNA members

The Other Side of the Portal - Featured in Lansing City Pulse, written by GL-UNA board member Terry Link   5/7/2020

WHO and COVID-19 - written by GL-UNA board member Joe Hess 5/7/2020

Local media ignore peace effort, to our peril Written by GL-UNA Board Member, Terry Link. GL-UNA was a co-sponsor of the conference 12/6/19


Global Beat 

Focus - Lansing Chamber of Commerce Magazine:

-GL-UNA is featured on page 8 and page 16 of the April Focus Magazine.

-Click Here for the latest Focus article


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