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The Greater Lansing UNA, multiple partners and individuals are combining efforts to raise $30,000 this year to help UNHCR fund a classroom for children in Horseed Primary School in Kakuma Refugee Camp in western Kenya. The camp has over 75,000 children, half of whom do not have access to a school. Over $20,490 has been donated since the beginning of the fundraising campaign December 4, 2016. The funds we are collecting are crucial in order to ensure that the Kakuma children are given a fair chance to succeed in life. It is especially urgent considering how crucial schools can be in developing children’s cognitive, language and social abilities as well as empower them in achieving their dreams. We are looking for sustainable partnerships in order to help the children in Kakuma. Now is a key time for each of us to reflect and do some soul searching:

    • Have I taken time to begin making a generous monthly donation ($25 -100) for a year to help children trapped in a refugee camp to attend school? If not, go to and begin doing your part or complete the pledge form at the end of this newsletter.
    • Have I creatively approached or led an organization (religious, service club, business, etc.) to initiate a fundraising project to help educate refugee kids? If so, what progress is being made? If not, why not?
    • Do I need help and support to get started? If so, contact one of the Chapter board members leading the campaign: Robert Barnhart or Joseph Hess


Let’s refocus priorities and together bring Adopt-A-Future to the forefront of activities this fall and winter!!

A UNA-USA Campaign in Support of Refugees

There are currently 65.3 million people forcibly displaced from their homes--the highest figure ever recorded. Among them are 21.3 million refugees of whom more than half are children caught up in conflict or disaster. Children who just want a chance at a normal life, to be able to go to school and learn, as all young people should be able to do. A refugee child that is not in school is at heightened risk of being harmed, trafficked, or radicalized by extremist groups.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, is working to prevent a lost generation by educating refugee children in camps and other settings around the world. But help is needed. In response to this call, UNA-USA has recently partnered with UNHCR to launch the Adopt-a-Future initiative, which links Americans directly to students and schools around the world. The campaign enables partners and supporters to raise funds to support either refugee education worldwide or to build a classroom for a specific refugee serving school. 

Recognizing the critical need for support for this important initiative, Greater Lansing UNA has undertaken a campaign to raise $30,000 to provide a new classroom at a refugee serving school which will serve the needs of at least 40 children for 10 years.

We are actively seeking partnerships with other groups, organizations, businesses, foundations, faith communities, and individuals to meet this ambitious goal.

Here's how you can help! 

  • Encourage organizations, groups, and faith communities with which you are affiliated to sign on as partners in GL-UNA's Adopt-a-Future initiative.
  • Volunteer to host a fundraising dinner, a bake sale, a car wash or something entirely different. Donate whatever money is raised during the event to Adopt-a-Future.
  • Enlist your church youth group or scouting troops in a fundraising campaign.
  • Donate via Pay Pal 
  • Use a credit card to make a donation! You can do so on-line at
  • Mail a check made payable to GL-UNA to PO Box 1853, East Lansing, MI 48826. Please write Adopt-a-Future in the memo line.
  • Download a printable brochure here to invite friends, family members or organizations to help raise funds to educate refugee children.
Help us make a difference in the lives of refugee children! 
Together we can do this! 
Thank You!

Donation goal

Goal: $30,000.00
Collected: $20,940.00

P.O. Box 1853
East Lansing, MI 48826

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