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ADOPT-A-FUTURE Fundraising Victory!

Thanks to the wonderful support shown for the Greater Lansing United Nations Association, we reached our "Adopt-A-Future" fundraising campaign goal.  Partner organizations and individuals contributed a total of $33,116 -  more than our goal of $30,000!  

The Horseed Primary School in the Kakuma Refugee Camp located in western Kenya will now have a new fully-funded classroom.     The United Nations High Commission for Refugees will use the funds along with an equal match from the Educate a Child Fund to meet the educational needs of at least 40 students at the Horseed Primary School for a period of ten years.

Though the GL-UNA goal was reached, the UNHCR STILL NEEDS DONATIONS TO EDUCATE the increasing number of refugee children. WE ARE STILL FUNDRAISING FOR THIS IMPORTANT PURPOSE.   Donations may be made at www.gluna.org/adoptafuture/donate  Also, if you and/or your organization want to host a fundraiser for this purpose, please email us at gluna@msu.edu. There are tens of thousands of refugee children in need of educational assistance in the Kakuma Camp alone.  Your donation can make a world of difference in the life of a child.

Our deepest appreciation to the many donors who made this effort a success - and to those who continue to support this effort. Thank you!


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