Support the United Nations and the

UN Family of Organizations

What you can do:

Learn about the Better World Campaign to strengthen the partnership between the United States and the United Nations.

Join the Greater Lansing UN Association. (Please be sure to select Greater Lansing Chapter from the Chapter Selection drop-down box!)

Tell your representatives in Washington that you support the UN and want the US to pay all its UN dues.

Sign up to receive email updates on action needed from the Better World Foundation Campaigns for the UN. 

 Keep up with current issues in US relations with the UN that need to be addressed.

Make a contribution to support UNHCR's emergency missions. 

Support UNICEF's work to stop preventable deaths daily of 18,000 of the world's children. 

Do your part in helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Links to Other Resources


Connects Americans with the U.N. through chapters, grassroots advocacy, and education.


Works with policy makers, media, and the American public to foster a strong U.S.-U.N. relationship.


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